City Only Service Starts May 11th, 2015

During City Only Service Route 20 also provides service to and from Greenhill Apartments.
As of Monday May 11th, 2015, Radford Transit will be operating the City Only service schedule. City Only service continues through the summer. Full Service schedule will resume in August. Please note the following changes to our operations.
  • Route 10, Route 40, and route 60 do not operate during City Only Service.
  • Route 20 will service Greenhill Apartments as well as its regular Fairlawn route. Route 20 takes the place of Route 10 during City Only service.
  • Route 50 will provide service to the Burlington, Tyler Avenue, and Ridgewood Lanes areas. Route 50 takes the place of Route 60 during City Only service.
  • Route 40 does not operate during City Only service. Radford Transit does not offer trips to Christiansburg or Blacksburg during this time. Please plan ahead for your travel needs.
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