Radford Transit


NOW HIRING: Bus Operator (Part Time)  

We are actively seeking Part-Time Bus Operator to assist passengers to and from various destinations in the Radford, Fairlawn, New River Valley, and surrounding areas. Duties include performing vehicle pre-trip inspections, record keeping, and providing safe and courteous service at all times. Hours vary and are flexible to accommodate various types of schedule needs.

Starting pay is $13.03 per hour and we provide on-the-job training.


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NOW HIRING: Transit Maintainer (Full Time)

Responsible for performance of service maintenance and cleaning of vehicles. Maintenance duties include inspection of engine components, air systems, etc., safety inspections and compliance of doorway, emergency equipment/exits, etc. making necessary adjustments and minor repairs, and maintaining vehicle motor fluids (oil, coolant, diesel exhaust fluid, etc.) Cleaning duties include cleaning of vehicles exterior and interior detailing responsibilities (sweeping, mopping, sanitizing, etc.) as well as cleaning and maintenance of the Transportation Facility garage/wash bay area.

Salary Details: $ 22,295 to $ 24,524 (Based on Qualifications)

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NOW HIRING: Transportation Operations Trainer (Full Time)

Responsible for presenting instructor-led training courses including but not limited to: Defensive Driving, Passenger Assistance Service and Safety, Wheelchair Securement, etc. Assist with monitoring and tracking of training records to ensure compliance with necessary trainings, conducting follow up trainings as needed to comply with safety standards and other related duties within a dynamic and high energy operation. Working hours will vary dependent upon demand and type of trainings required.

Salary Details: $ 29,878 – $32,865 (Based on Qualifications)

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NOW HIRING: Operations Assistant – Dispatcher (Full Time)

Responsible for the general operations of the Transportation Office in coordination with the Transit Operations Supervisors. Assists supervisors in operator training and operational compliance activities including oversight of active bus routes and services. Opens/Closes transit operations ensuring that drivers report on time and according to requirements. Responds to customer inquiries regarding system operations assisting with trip planning and other related duties.

Salary Details:  $ 29,878 – $32,865 (Based on Qualifications)

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New River Valley Community Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer. As a drug and alcohol free workplace, Federal Transportation Administration and Department of Transportation pre-employment drug and alcohol screenings are administered.