Radford Transit


This image displays a Megabus vehicle in Washington D.C.

Radford Transit connects with the Megabus to Washington D.C. that departs from the Christiansburg Park and Ride at 2:45 pm on Thursday and Friday. This connection departs from the Hub in Radford at 2:10 pm on Thursday and Friday. Reservations for Radford Transit’s Megabus Connections are required at least 24 hours in advance. Tickets for the Megabus must be purchased separately! Please call our office at 540-831-5911 to reserve your connection.

Radford Transit connects with the 1:45 pm arrival from Washington D.C. on Sundays. A reservation is not required for the Sunday return trip. Sunday return trips from the 1:45 pm Megabus arrival at Christiansburg Park & Ride arrive at the Hub in Radford at about 2:15 pm.

Megabus connections are available only during the Regular Service schedule. Please see the Operational Calendar for our current service level.

Megabus may change their schedule without notice. We make every effort to accommodate these changes.

Megabus connection fares are the same as our regular fares.Call the Radford Transit office at 540-831-5911 for the most current information and to schedule your next connection.