Route 70

Radford Transit

Route 70

Serving Lot A, University Drive, and New River Drive.

Operating Schedule:
Full Service:
Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 6:50pm
Saturday: See Route 15
City Only Service:
Check out Route 15 for service to these areas during this time.
Route 70 provides service to University Drive, Dedmon Center, and Greenhill on 15 minute intervals. It provides service to RU parking lots: A, CC, DC, Z, FF, U, and E. Need to access these areas after 6:50pm M-F? Check out Route 10 Here Need to access these areas on Saturday or during City Only Service? Check out Route 15 Here View Route 70 Live Map
This map displays Route 70 in detail

70 Times

Route 70 Timetable

Full Service
All times listed are departures;
Lot AGreenhill
-o-7:00 am
7:05 am7:15 am
Departs at :05, :20, :35, and :50 past the hourDeparts at :00, :15, :30, and :45 past the hour
6:35 pm6:45 pm
Our schedule operates on Departure times. Buses may not depart the Timecheck until the scheduled time. Timechecks are used to maintain consistency with the schedule.