Recording Land Records


Requirements & Standards

All land record documents presented for recording are subject to requirements and standards as set forth by the Code of Virginia, the Library of Virginia Standards (statutory authority VA Code §§ 42.1-8 & 42.1-82), local ordinances, official opinions issued by the office of the Attorney General.

Fees & Taxes

All land record documents are subject to fees and taxes as established by Virginia Code (Chapter 8 State Recordation Tax) unless applicable exemption is noted.

Land Record Requirements

-  Radford City Circuit Court requires a cover sheet for all land records recorded according to VA Code § 17.1-227.1.

-  All Deeds require a tax map number and an account number.

-  A self addressed stamped envelope is required with all land records for the return of the documents. 

Plats and Other Drawings 

"Plat" means a drawing that shows one or more geometric relationships expressed by a bearing and a distance "Other drawing" means any drawing that does not show a geometric relationship expressed by a bearing and a distance (17VAC15-61-10).

 Plats must be original, unreduced* and shall bear wet or electronically printed stamp and original signature of the preparer (17VAC15-61-20 et seq.); lettering of the inscriptions shall be no smaller than .09 inch (2.29 millimeters) (17VAC15-61-30 et seq.).

*If plat is presented as an exhibit in a reduced format (e.g. oversized plat presented in letter or legal size reproduction), the exhibit must specify previous recording information for the oversized plat. 

Plats must be no larger than 18 x 24 inches (17VAC15-61-20).

 Plats can’t contain any color (with the exception of highway plats); plats shall be black-line or blue line copy with uniformly white background, free of watermarks and background logos (17VAC15-61-20) Approval block, if applicable, must be signed by the appropriate party (VA Code § 15.2-2254).

Consideration and/or Applicable Exemptions

 Pursuant to VA Code § 58.1-802A, consideration shall be stated on the first page of the deed and other instruments described in VA Code §§ 58.1-801 and 58.1-807; deeds conveying real property must also state the current fair market value (assessed value). Assessed value can be obtained from Cathy Flinchum, Commissioner of Revenue.

Description of the Property

 Jurisdiction Property must be located in Radford City and deed must state jurisdiction (VA Code § 55- 48)

Instruments transferring interest in real property shall include a written description of the property (“legal description”) PIN shall be included on any deed or other instrument conveying or relating to an interest in real property (VA Code § 17.1-252).

Deed in Proper Form

 Deed proper form is set out by VA Code § 55-48 

All deeds presented for recording shall list tax map numbers, PIN(s), Grantee’s address, names of grantors and grantees, consideration, assessed and assumed value where applicable or an exemption code(s); it shall contain a legal description as well as it must be property executed and notarized.

 Deed of Trust in Proper Form

Deed of trust proper form is set out by VA Code §§ 55-58 et seq. All deeds of trust presented for recording must list names grantors, a Virginia trustee (full residence or business address of the trustee shall be stated), consideration and/or exemption codes with previously taxed amount and recording references when applicable. 

Recordation of Instruments Separately

All separately executed and notarized instruments “authorized by law” (VA Code §§ 17.1-223 & 17.1-229)* must be recorded separately.

Return of Documents

All documents submitted for recording should be accompanied by self-addressed prepaid mailing package

Rejected documents returned the same day with the mailing option provided by the submitter 

Recording In Person:

Clerk of the Circuit Court
619 Second Street
Radford, Virginia 24141

By Mail:

Clerk of the Circuit Court
619 Second Street
Radford, Virginia 24141