Fitness Classes offered by Radford Parks & Recreation

Step & Tone – High intensity class utilizing both high and low impact moves to get your day started right. 

Instructor: Nicole Watson   M/W/F 5:45-6:30am    Members: $25/Non-Members: $35

Hi Energy Work-Out - This class consists of gentle exercises for seniors taught by a certified senior fitness instructors. Senior aerobics includes exercises for flexibility, posture, strength and functional skills of adult daily living. 

Instructor: Barbara Griffith/Pam Kimmel   M/W/F 10:45-11:30am   Members: $15/Non-Members: $25

Silver Sneakers – This popular class combines fun and fitness through a variety of exercises. It is designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills. Hand weights, elastic bands and tubes, balls and chairs are used in the exercise. 

Instructor: Barbara Griffith/Pam Kimmel   M/W/F 11:45-12:30pm    Members: $15/Non-Members: $25

Body Boost – This class will focus on strengthening your entire body. This class will start with a short warm up to get your muscles ready to work. The remaining time will be used to tone your bodies using free weights, bars, bands, yoga balls, chords, and medicine balls. 

Instructor: Barbara Griffith/Pam Kimmel    T/Th 6:30-7:15pm     Members: $15/Non-Members: $25 

Adapative Yoga - Yoga exercises that can be modified to fit your needs. Gentle, relaxing stretches to improve your flexibility while you learn to relax and breathe. 

Instructor: Barbara Griffith/Pam Kimmel    M/W 12:30-1:00pm    Members: $10/Non-Members: $20 

Pound Fitness—Pound Fitness is designed in three core pillars: Mind, Body and Inner Rock star. These work together to promote a “Happy Healthy Self”. Experience different genres from pop, hip-hop to metal and electro, each track becomes its own emotional and physical journey, moving the attention and focus of each participant so class remains engaging, exciting and challenging. 

Instructor: Rebecca Bishop     M/W 6:00-6:45pm     Member: $15/Non-Member: $25 

ZUMBA - Zumba is an interval-style dance fitness party that combines low-intensity moves. It burns lots of calories while moving to the rhythm with varied genres of music. There is also a stretch combo cool down at the conclusion of the class. The best of it all is that it doesn't even feel like exercise! 

Instructor: Sharon Woinski     M/W 7:00-8:00pm     Member: $25/Non-Members: $35 

Spin Class - Camille Kelly will be leading a Spin Class in the new Spin Room. Spin Class is a bike workout class. The class will last about 50 minutes with some floor exercise. The class is limited to seven participants. 

Instructor: Camille Kelly     M/W/F 8:30-9:20am     Members: $20/Non-Members: $30

NRV Women’s Self Defense—Free women’s self-defense classes are being offered through Radford Recreation Department. Class is available for females age 12 and above. Parental permission is required for all minors. Please wear loose fitting clothing. SPACE IS LIMITED! Sign up today!                                          Instructor: David Trail           Saturday 2:00-4:00pm          FREE

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