City Manager

The City Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Radford and is appointed by the City Council. The City Manager is chosen solely based on administrative qualifications and experience in municipal affairs.

The City Manager’s Office is committed to providing the leadership, initiative and direction necessary to provide quality services in a supportive and innovative environment. We work cooperatively with the citizens of Radford, Radford City Council, partner agencies, and municipal employees to set the direction for Radford.

As the administrative head of the City, the Manager carries out the policies that are adopted by City Council. He/she is responsible for the enforcement of all laws and ordinances and is in charge of all departments and operations. The City Manager keeps Council informed of the condition and needs of the City, making recommendations for action as the need arises. The City Manager’s office is charged with recommending, implementing and monitoring policies and procedures that maintain the financial health of the City. The Manager also prepares the annual budget for Council consideration and upon its enactment, sees that its provisions are upheld.