Business Licenses

Each business and professional operation located in Radford City must obtain a business license through the Commissioner of the Revenue Office. Licenses are valid January 1st through December 31st and must be renewed each year.

Business License Requirements

Licenses are based on the type of business and projected gross receipts for the year. There is a $0.75 fee for each license. A minimum license of $30.75 may be purchased if gross receipts are projected to fall at or below the amounts listed for each type of business.

Business Licenses must be renewed each year by March 1st. Licensing applications and forms can be found online.

Business License Fees

License Type
Fee Minimum
Retail Merchant
13.5 cents per $100 gross receipts
$30 on $22,222 or less
Wholesale Merchant
6.8 cents per $100 gross purchases
$30 on $44,118 or less
Contractor 12.5 cents per $100 gross contracts
$30 on $24,000 or less
Professional 36.5 cents per $100 gross receipts
$30 on $8,219 or less
Service $0.14 per $100 gross receipts
Telecommunications 0.5% of gross receipts
Coin-Operated Machines
$0.17 per $100 gross receipts
Flea Market
$30 N/A
Peddler/Food Truck
$50 N/A
Parade/1-day Event
$5 per participant
Beer/Wine $30 flat fee

Special Fees and Rates

Contractor Licenses

If gross receipts are less than $25,000, we honor a license from another locality if copy of license is filed with us. Otherwise,we require a local business license based on amount of work performed in the City.

Mixed Beverage Licenses

Fees are based on seating:
  • 50-100 seats: $200
  • 101-150 seats: $350
  • 151+ seats: $500

Coin-Operated Licenses

Fees are based on the number of machines owned:
  • Over 10 machines: $50
  • Under 10 machines: $5.75 per machine