Save Money…Take the Bus

The American Public Transportation Association indicates that regular commuters may be able to save as much as $9,635 by using public transportation instead of owning and driving their own car. Consider this, Radford Transit offers an unlimited ride monthly pass for $20. If you bought a pass for every month of the year and that was all the money you spent on transportation for the whole year, your total annual transportation cost would be $240. Compare that with the costs of owning a car.

  • Monthly car payment = about $300
  • Monthly insurance = about $60
  • Monthly gas = at least $40
  • Monthly maintenance = at least $50

Total annual cost of driving if still paying on a car = at least $5400

Total annual cost of driving if your car is paid for = about $1800

Total annual cost of riding Radford Transit = $240


Get our unlimited ride monthly pass for $20 at the Radford City Treasurer’s Office, located in the Radford Municipal Building at 619 2nd St # 164, Radford, VA 24141.For more information please call their office at (540) 731-3661.