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The Radford City Police Department is housed in a new Public Safety Building completed in May 2011. This adaptive reuse of a former box factory provides for the latest in technology and state of the art equipment allowing the highest quality of service to our city residents, businesses and visitors.

The department is a Virginia Accredited Agency and upholds the highest standards of professionalism in carrying out its mission. Visible on our landmark rock at the entrance to the Department is a medallion signifying the core values of our Mission Statement.

Mission Statement

The Radford City Police Department will strive to enhance quality of life by providing professional law enforcement service to our citizens, businesses, and visitors through a shared responsibility with our community. We will serve daily with courage, order and pride.

Annual Reports

The following 2021 Annual Report are presented by the Radford Department of Police Office of Records Management for viewing by the citizens of Radford and other interested parties.

Radford City Police Department Supports the Virginia Community Policing Act

The Radford City Police Department is supporting a new state law that may result in drivers who are pulled over being asked for certain demographic information. As of July 1, the Virginia Community Policing Act  requires law enforcement officers to collect information from drivers during all traffic and investigatory stops, and requires agencies to submit the data to a statewide Community Policing Reporting Database.  

The data collected during traffic and investigatory stops will be reported to the Department of State Police and included in the Community Policing Reporting Database. Access to this database will be provided to the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) for the purpose of analyzing data to determine the existence and prevalence of the practice of bias-based policing and the prevalence of complaints alleging the use of excessive force. 

The Radford City Police Department remains committed to serving with utmost respect, while remaining engaged and transparent with our community. The information and data collected as a result of the Community Policing Act will further enable us to ensure we hold ourselves accountable to the highest professional standards. 

**Please reference the Transparency Portal for all community documents and statistics**

Chief's Advisory Panel

It is the mission of the Radford City Police Department to constantly look for new ways to positively engage with the community.  The Chief's Advisory Panel was developed in order to continue the mission of shared responsibility with our citizens, businesses, and visitors in preventing and solving crime within the community.  Having community support, gaining trust, and accepting feedback is vital in achieving police legitimacy.  The Chief's Advisory Panel also assists the agency in maintaining transparency with the community and soliciting feedback on delivery of police services within the City of Radford.   

Chief's Advisory Panel: Member List