Chemical Addition

Chemicals added to raw (untreated) water and finished (treated) water are necessary in the water treatment process to provide safe drinking water.

A polyaluminum chloride coagulant is added to raw water to remove suspended solids. It changes the chemistry of the water to allow floc to develop and settle out.

Bags of Carbon Powdered activated carbon is added to absorb taste and odor-causing chemicals.

  • PAX Tanks
  • PAX Pumps
Carbon Feeder
The American Dental Association endorses the addition of fluoride in drinking water to aid in preventing tooth decay. Fluoride is added to the treated water to maintain an appropriate residual in the distribution system.

Fluoride Feeder
Bags of Lime Lime is added to the finished water for pH adjustment. It aids in preventing corrosion of pipes and structures in the distribution system.

Chlorine Cylinders Chlorine is the chemical disinfectant used by the City of Radford Water Treatment Plant. Chlorine is added to the RAW water to start disinfection early in the treatment process. Chlorine is also added to the finished water to provide the residual needed for the distribution system.