Dog Tags

If your dog is more than 4 months old, it must be vaccinated against rabies and licensed with the City. This is required by Virginia Law and the Code of Radford City. Present the current valid rabies certificate to the Treasurer’s Office and a dog tag will be issued.

Dog tags are due January 31st.


  • Male/Female: $10
  • Unsexed: $3
  • City Treasurer’s Office
    619 2nd Street
    Room 164
    Radford, VA 24141
  • Radford Animal Hospital
    Route 11 West
    Radford, VA 24141

  • West End Animal Clinic
    829 2nd Street
    Radford, VA 24141
  • Riverside Veterinary Clinic
    8210 East Main Street
    Suite A
    Radford, VA 24141