Zoning Tools

Zoning is the legislative process by which a local government classifies land within the community into areas and districts referred to as zones. Zoning regulates building and structure dimensions, design, placement and use. Requirements vary from district to district, but they must be uniform within districts.

Zoning Ordinance
The Zoning Ordinance for the City of Radford (Ordinance #1243) was adopted January 11, 1993. To further the objectives of the comprehensive plan, the city has established the following zoning districts:
  • CD Conservation District
  • R-1 Single-Family Residential District
  • R-2 Single-Family Residential District
  • R-3 Single-Family Residential District
  • R-4 Multi-Family Residential District
  • MU Mixed Use Residential/Business District
  • R-MH Manufactured Home Residential District
  • B-1 Limited Business District
  • B-2 General Business District
  • B-3 Central Business District
  • MD Medical Arts District
  • UD University District
  • M-1 Restricted Industrial District
  • M-2 General Industrial District
  • FP-1 Floodway District
  • FP-2 Flood-Fringe District
  • PUD Planned Unit Development Districts
Zoning Maps
New Flood Insurance Relief Map data available is for 2009. The most recent zoning map was published on March 25, 2009. GIS is a web mapping application that provides access to zoning, parcels and other governmental GIS map layers.