Patrol Operations

Patrol Operations comprises the primary function of the Radford City Police Department. The Patrol Operations Division is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with each shift under the supervision of a Sergeant who is assisted by a corporal.


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The Lieutenants and Sergeants work closely with the Captain to ensure that skilled, professional, and proactive police and public safety service is provided to the city’s many residents and visitors.

Ride Along

The Patrol Operations Bureau, as well as the rest of the department, is dedicated to the service of the public and the citizens of the City of Radford. The citizens of Radford are invited to do a ride-along with a member of the Patrol Division. The ride-along must be approved by the Lieutenant of Patrol Operations and all rules of the Department must be followed.

Any citizen wishing to do a ride-along must complete the Ride Along Form/Waiver form and submit it to Lieutenant Wilburn. Persons wishing to do a ride-along must show up at the time expected and wear casual business attire.


Patrol officers undergo intense training for a period of 5 months at a certified academy, followed by field training specific to the Radford City Police Department. The Radford City Police Department is a member of Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy located in Salem, Virginia. It is one of 8 regional training academies in Virginia. Information on this training facility can be found online.

Additional Duties

In addition to traffic law enforcement, investigating vehicle accidents, and working criminal cases, Patrol Officers respond to calls for service in all areas. They provide escorts during funeral services as well as escorts to banks for local businesses, they provide assistance for disabled vehicles (one of these services includes unlocking vehicles in which the keys have been locked inside), answer after hour animal control complaints, provide assistance in civil cases when needed, and many other extraordinary calls for service.