Home Occupations

Home occupations are very popular today and are a permitted use in every zoning district provided they meet certain guidelines. A home occupation is defined as "an occupation, profession, enterprise or similar activity which is conducted within your home or its accessory buildings." If you have a home business or plan to start one in your home, it must meet the following guidelines:
  • The activity must be clearly secondary to the principle use as a residence.
  • Not more than 25 percent of the floor area of the main building shall be devoted to such activity and in no case more than a total of 400 square feet on any premises.
  • No one other than a member of the family residing on the premises shall be employed on the premises in the conduct of the activity.
  • There shall be no signs, other than one non-illuminated sign not exceeding two square feet in area attached to the building, and no displays or alterations to the exterior of the building that would distinguish it as being devoted to any non-dwelling use.
  • There shall be no group instruction or assembly, no housing of persons for compensation, no repair of vehicles and no product offered for sale or stored other than that which is incidental to service rendered directly to persons on the premises.
  • No mechanical equipment or machinery shall be used in the conduct of the activity that produces noise, smoke, odor, vibration or other effects discernible beyond the property lines.
Home Occupation Business License
A business license is required for a home occupation and may be obtained from the office of the Commissioner of the Revenue at:
619 Second Street
Room 161
Radford, VA 24141

If you plan to begin a home occupation and have questions, contact the Commissioner of the Revenue Office 540-731-3613.