Bike Patrol

The Radford City Police Department supplements its patrol function with a Bike Patrol Unit. The Bike Patrol Unit consists of 9 dedicated officers who must attend and successfully complete a week long specialized certification training session.
Patrol Bike on Kickstand
The Bike Patrol Unit is led by Sergeant J.R. Holdaway. He has been a member of the Bike Patrol Unit since August of 2003.

The Bike Patrol Unit focuses on the areas of the city which are more accessible by bicycle than patrol vehicles. These areas include, but are not limited to: pathways, city parks, and alleyways in high-crime areas. Since the bicycle can maneuver in areas that a vehicle cannot, the response time for a bicycle officer can be quicker than that of an officer in a vehicle.

One of the many benefits to community policing includes the accessibility of a patrol officer. Bike patrol officers are more approachable by the public on the bicycle, which creates a positive interaction with the overall community. The Bike Patrol Unit also participates in annual bicycle education programs.