Confirmation of Jury Duty

If you have been selected to serve as a member of the Radford City Circuit Court jury, contact the Radford City Sheriff’s Office to confirm your notice that you have been served with your jury duty notice. The juror packet that you received will have a juror number on it and you must provide the number and your name when you call. The telephone number for the Radford City Sheriff’s Office is 540-731-5501.

After confirmed your receipt of the jury duty notice, call the Radford City Circuit Court jury line at 540-731-5502. The jury line is a recorded message regarding juror instructions. Make sure that you call the jury line each day to receive the most recent updates about scheduled trials and cancellation information.

Remember, it is your civic duty to serve as a juror when you are selected. Jurors who have questions regarding regarding jury duty should contact the Office of the Circuit Court Judge at 540-731-3611.