Request a Public Record

Making a Request for Records From Radford

  • You may request records by U.S. Mail, fax, email, in person, or over the phone. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) does not require that your request be in writing, nor do you need to specifically state that you are requesting records under FOIA.
  • Please note, from a practical perspective, it may be beneficial to create a written record of your request to provide a clear statement of the records you are requesting, as well as to avoid any misunderstanding over a verbal request.
  • Your request must identify the records you are seeking with "reasonable specificity." In other words, your request is not limited by the volume or number of records that you request, instead, it requires that you be specific enough so that we can sufficiently identify and locate the records you are seeking. 
  • FOIA gives you a right to inspect or copy records. It does not apply to a situation where you are asking general questions about the work of Radford, nor does it require Radford to create a record that doesn't exist.

Communication with Radford

If we have questions about your request, please cooperate with staff's efforts to clarify the type of record(s) that you are seeking or to attempt to reach a reasonable agreement about a response to a request. Making a FOIA request is not an adversarial process, but we may need to discuss your request with you to ensure that we understand what records you are seeking. 

To request records records from Radford, you may direct your request to the Public Information Office. You may contact this office in the following ways:
  • In person at Radford Administrative Building located at 10 Robertson Street
  • By e-mail
  • By phone at 540-731-3603
  • By fax at 540-731-3699
  • By mail:City of Radford 
  •      10 Robertson Street
  •              Radford, VA 24141

What Information Do I Need To Provide When Making a Request?

Radford simple asks that you provide your name and address, as well as any supplemental information that would help in contacting you regarding the request, such as an e-mail address.  Your request must also be reasonably specific, so that that record(s) you are seeking can be located and identified. 

How Will I Receive the Records Requested?

You may request records in any format used by Radford, such as paper, email, or electronic means.  Radford can provide the records requested to you by mail, email or you can arrange to personally retrieve copies of the records. 

Costs of Records:

Radford can charge for any records requested, as long as the charge does not exceed the actual cost of responding to your request. You may request that Radford estimate the cost for supplying the record(s) in advance.  If the estimated costs exceed $200, you may be required to pay a deposit (not to exceed the amount of the estimate) before processing your request. Please note, if you have an unpaid balance for a previous request that is older than 30 days, Radford will require you to pay the past due bill before processing any subsequent requests. 

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