Smoking & Drinking are Not Allowed on Radford Transit

In order to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for all of our riders we ask that everyone refrain from using tobacco, smoking, and vaping on Radford Transit vehicles. We also ask everyone refrain from bringing open alcoholic containers on board the buses. In addition, we also ask that all of our riders refrain from … Read more

We Rode Twice & It Was Nice!

Radford Transit has a great deal on unlimited ride monthly passes! You can ride all you want to for a fixed price. Monthly passes are available at the City of Radford Treasurer’s office.

Board at the Front of the Bus & Exit at the Rear

Radford Transit has some vehicles that have a door at the front of the vehicle and a door at the rear of the vehicle. When traveling on these vehicles please board the bus at the front door and exit at the rear door. Keeping the flow passengers moving consistently helps everyone get to their destination … Read more

Pets are Not Allowed on Radford Transit Vehicles

Pets are not allowed on Radford Transit vehicles. This helps us keep our vehicles clean, tidy, and comfortable for all riders. We do allow service animals on board our vehicles. Please note that any service animal that displays aggressive or disruptive behavior may be removed from the vehicle or denied access.

Please Allow Other Passengers to Exit Before Attempting to Board the Bus

While we recognize that it is easy to get in a rush, extending courtesy to your fellow passengers makes riding the bus more pleasant for everyone. Please allow other passengers to exit before attempting to board the bus. Observing this courtesy will help everyone get where they are going as quickly and safely as possible.