Proposed Route Changes

Public invited to comment on proposed route changes for Radford Transit

Proposed route changes for Radford Transit – Effective July 1, 2020


Radford Transit

Public comments are due by May 15, 2020. Due to COVID-19, public comment can be made in writing to Melissa Skelton, Transit Coordinator at 10 Robertson St, Radford, VA 24141 or

The following changes are proposed for the Radford Transit System to create a more efficient and convenient system for the City of Radford. We believe the following changes will provide access to new shopping areas, parks, work, school, and provide more connections with other public transit:

New Transfer Time – transfer times at The Hub will be at :30 after the hour

Thursday late night service is eliminated

10 Route

  • Will only run after 6:50 pm M-F
  • This route will now service Lot CC
  • 30 Minute Service

15 Route

  • Will run after 10:30 pm Friday and all Saturdays
  • This route will now service Lot CC
  • 30 Minute Service

20 Route (See Map)

  • This route will be split into the 20 and 25 route
  • New 20 route will service The Hub, Bisset Park, Fairlawn, and Campus
  • New Stops (Veterans Park, Dudley’s landing, Bisset Park – Shelter 1, & Kyle Hall)
  • It will no longer service Food Lion and Ridgewood
  • One hour service

25 Route (See Map)

  • New Route that services The Hub, Campus, Food Lion, Ridgewood, Food City
  • New Stop at Food City
  • 30 minute service

30 Route

– Schedule updates

31 Route

– Eliminated

35 Route (See Map)

  • Services West Radford and Fairlawn combining the 31 and 20 Routes
  • New Stops (Wadsworth and 2nd Street, Wadsworth and 6th Street)
  • One hour service

40 Route

– Schedule updates

  • New Stop at Kyle Hall

50 Route

– Schedule updates

60 Route

– Schedule updates

70 Route (See Map)

  • Will service Lot A, Dedmon, and Greenhill
  • Will service Lot CC
  • 20 minute service

80 Route (See Map)

  • Campus Circulator
  • Will run on approximately 10 minute service

Radford Transit is requesting demonstration grants for the following connector routes:

New River Community College Connector (See Map)

Connects Radford University with New River Community College – Dublin campus

Monday – Friday service

One hour Service


Virginia Breeze Connector (See Map) 

Connects City of Radford with Virginia Breeze service at the Christiansburg Park and Ride (See Map)

Daily connection for departures and arrivals

NOTE: Route proposals subject to change based on funding available.