Route 30

Serving West Radford, Recreation Center, and Downtown Main Street

Operating Schedule:
Monday – Friday: 6:50am – 7:50pm
Saturday: 9:50am – 7:50pm

Route 30 proceeds from the Hub to Jeffries Dr. Via Main St. From there it travels through the city via streets including Preston, Rock Road, and Wadsworth on its way to the Recreation Center before traveling back to the Hub.

30 Times

Route 30 Timetable

All times listed are departures; Saturday service starts at 9:50 am
The HubJeffries DriveRadford Rec Center
-0-6:50 am7:15 am
7:30 am7:50 am8:15 am
Departs hourly at :30 past the hourDeparts hourly at :50 past the hourDeparts hourly at :15 past the hour
6:30 pm6:50 pm (Last Trip)7:15 pm (Last Trip)
7:30 pm (Last Trip)


Route 30 turn-by-turn directions

The Route 30 departs Jeffries Drive and makes its way eastbound along West Main Street.

  • Right on Midkiff Lane servicing Riverbend Apartments.
  • Right on Second Street.
  • Left on Cowan Street.
  • Right on West Main Street.
  • Right on Forest Ave by the Deli Mart.
  • Left on Montgomery Street.
  • Right back on West Main Street.
  • Continue eastbound along West Main Street.
  • Right on Preston Street.
  • Left on Twelfth Street.
  • Right on Staples Street.
  • Left turn on Rock Road West.
  • Left turn on Wadsworth Street.
  • Right turn on Allen Avenue heading towards Willow Woods.
  • Turn around in the cul-de-sac.
  • Right on Wadsworth Street.
  • Right on Eighth Street.
  • Left on Randolph Street.
  • Right on Seventh Street.
  • Left on Walker Street.
  • Right on Sixth Street.
  • Left on Scott Street towards Radford Recreation Center.
  • Left on George Street.
  • Timecheck at Radford Recreation Center.
  • Exit Radford Recreation Center via George Street.
  • Left on Second Avenue.
  • Left on Lawrence Street.
  • Right on Third Avenue passing the old VA Employment Commission office.
  • Right on East Main Street heading downtown to The Hub.
  • Timecheck at The Hub.
  • Exit The Hub by turning Right on Main.
  • Proceed westbound along Main Street passing CVS
  • Right into NRVCS Radford Center lot.
  • Right on Main Street.
  • Left on Montgomery St.
  • Right on Forest Ave.
  • Left on West Main Street proceeding to Jeffries Dr.
  • Left on Jeffries Dr.
  • Timecheck at Jeffries Dr.