Route 35

Serving West Radford and Fairlawn

Operating Schedule:
Monday – Friday: 7:05am – 8:05pm
Saturday: 10:05am – 8:05pm

Route 35 provides service between West Radford and Fairlawn on the same route. If you need to reach the Hub from West End Radford, see Route 30.

35 Times

Route 35 Timetable

All times listed are departures; Saturday service starts at 10:05 am
WalmartJeffries Drive
-o-7:05 am
7:30 am8:05 am
Departs hourly at :30 past the hourDeparts hourly at :05 past the hour
6:30 pm7:05 pm (Last Trip)
7:30 pm (Last Trip)-o-


Our schedule operates on Departure times. Buses may not depart the Timecheck until the scheduled time. Timechecks are used to maintain consistency with the schedule.