System Map

Use the buttons below to view real-time maps of our routes.

Download our Route Map & Schedule in PDF format (3.6 Mb)


Here’s what you’ll find on a schedule

  • Route number
  • Route name
  • Departure and arrival times

Tips for reading a schedule

  • Open the schedule and locate the direction of travel
  • Find the intersection closest to where you want to catch the bus. The bus usually makes stops between the major intersections listed on the schedule.
  • Look down the column to find departure times from that stop
  • Times are listed in their perspective column. AM times are shown in lightface, PM times are shown in boldface type.
  • Read horizontally along the line that lists your departure time to determine when you will arrive at your destination. If no arrival time or (-o-) is shown, then that particular bus does not stop there.
  • To plan your return trip, look at the reverse direction of travel on the opposite side of the printed schedule and follow these same steps.

Find Your Stop


All bus stop signs are red and white. Bus stops are generally located every few blocks along Local bus routes.

On many routes, the stop for your return trip will be located across the street from the stop where you boarded the bus.

Verify Your Route
& Board the Bus

When you see a bus approaching, look at the electronic destination sign above the front windshield to verify the route number. To let the bus driver know you want to board, please stand and wait near the curb at the designated bus stop.

Pay Your Fare

Radford Transit offers a number of ways to pay your bus fare:

  • Cash – Exact change must be used when paying with cash. The driver will not make change. Have your money ready before you board. Insert your money in the fare box next to the driver as you board.
  • Pass – Clearly show your pass to the driver as you board.
  • Transfers – If you are transferring from another Radford Transit service, use a transfer as credit towards your bus fare.
    Learn how to transfer.